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21st August 2013

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If you like that Skyfall bit from John Oliver, you may enjoy this “Gay Villains” track from which it sprung!

(Find the full album Low Hangin Fruit at Earwolf, iTunes, Spotify and Pirate Bay!)


Gay Villains - James Adomian

"Welcome to my chamber of secrets. This is my curious associate Raoul, our relationship need not be specified…"

Just fuckin’ listen. Seriously.

Relevant to my interests.

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    PLEASE someone send this to Tom!! He NEEDS to hear this beautiful hilarity!!!
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    This whole album is amazing, but the Transformers bit in this always makes me lose it completely.
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    (via jamesadomian: theuncannyalex) I just re-listened to this entire album the other night and it’s hysterical. [I...
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    Anyone? It’s not just that part about “Raoul” right…?
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    Thanks, Molly. Although everyone knows Ursula’s a drag queen.
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    Will someone please direct me towards the John Oliver Skyfall bit because I really want to see/hear it and I can’t find...
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    Relevant to my interests.